Our Mother


I started reading this new book! I'm dissecting every page / It's about nature's fury & her unpredictable rage / A tidal wave can easily bring a building down / But don't panic, lets not worry about that now / Some say its global warming-others think that it's pollution / But dig a little deeper before jumping to conclusions / Factories don't produce toxic waste on their own / We're the ones pushing the buttons creating bio-hazardous zones / We can't blame logging companies for deforeststation / It's Society making room for our growing population / And who is part of this Society? / Who else?! You and I! / We're the workers that they need / No one forced you to apply / "But I recycle everyday & I drive a hybrid car" / Well that's very thoughtful of you but in the end we're all scarred / We're all part of this magnificent planet / So whether you hug trees or dump oil on the Atlantic / Mother Earth knows what you're planning / You don't think she knows her body!? / We're the germs! natural disasters are her Anti-bodies / Earthquakes occur when she has a common cold / When she sneezes, she blows tsunami's & tornadoes / when she has the flu / Expect storms like Hurricane Andrew / Wildfires spread when she has a high fever / But when she's feeling healthy, she's nicer than Mrs. Cleaver / You just have to get to know her, then you'll love her for who she is / A mother to us all, and we have been some bad kids / We need more than just spanking & reprimanding / "Big Brother" is already planning to colonize other planets / They're building a Titanic Space Cruise / For the wealthiest men & women, No not for you! / While we get flushed down the Cosmic Drain / They'll be popping champagne / Thinking they've won the game / Good riddance you hideous humanoids! / But they're demise won't be an Iceberg, it'll be an Asteroid / May the Infinite Darkness have mercy on your souls / On second thought, I hope you all get sucked by a black hole / It's time for humanity to break the shackles of control / But Mother Earth can't cure your ignorance / Only her benevolent children will be saved from any hindrance / After all, mother knows best, she will guide us back to Universal Consciousness! / Our mission can't regress! / Our destination is ultimately the heavens! / Trust in her and soon your spirit will strengthen!


sbcttaxi cfqxyd by roberthkdonald