The Outsiders - Snap - Snap #413

An all-new Snap!  We proudly present, "The Outsiders." You can try to hide it, but everybody knows, "You ain't from around here, are ya'?"

Cue Ball

Wherein Glynn hangs out with the wrong crowd . . .

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Man on Fire

Lhakpa Tsering set himself on fire to protest China's occupation of Tibet.  Producer Lea Thau asks "Why did a young, fun-loving, part-time comedian risk his life?"


Originally produced for Lea Thau's podcast "Strangers" funded by KCRW's Independent Producer's Project.


Producer: Lea Thau with Nick van der Kolk

Story, Disappeared

In Sri Lanka, a dirty civil war between the government and the ethnic rebel group the Tamil Tigers grew ever more deadly. Producer Anna Sussman discovered one of the more insidious aspects of civil conflict.


Producer: Anna Sussman


CSI: Walrus

When hundreds of headless walruses wash up on the Alaska coastline, there’s only one guy the United States government knows to call--Ken Goddard.

Check out some pictures of the investigation here:…2157634097635820/

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Native Pride & Prejudice

Linda’s a brand-new anthropologist trying to help the Koasati, a Native American tribe based in Louisiana. The only problem is Bertney, a stubborn member of the tribe, is constantly calling her out.

Producer: Stephanie Foo