Partners in Crime - Snap #327

There are things you would never do unless somebody else was in on the plan. Snap Judgment proudly presents "Partners in Crime."


The Wrong Way to Graduate

Snap's Glynn Washington did a very bad thing. But he did it with a lot of help from his friends...

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller 

Chito and Pocho

Chito always wanted to be friends with a crocodile. So when he found one injured in a lake near his house, he thought it was a great opportunity to get to know one another.

Thanks so much to Samuel Orozco for being the voice of Chito! And thanks to the Tico Times for helping us with this story.

Producers: Renzo Gorrio and Stephanie Foo

Yeasayer’s Chris Keating Gets Ashy

Chris Keating, the frontman of Yeasayer, goes to Ireland to bury his grandparents’ ashes. But his father coerces him into memorializing his grandparents in a more mischievous manner. 

You can buy Yeasayer's latest album, Fragrant World, here. 

This piece was from Stephanie Foo’s music podcast, Stagedive. Musicians tell her stories and then she scores those stories with the bands’ own tunes. Subscribe on iTunes or stream episodes here.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Afghanistan Homecoming


Ariana Delawari and her father chose to fight for peace in Afghanistan, with two very different weapons.

Check our Ariana Delawari’s film, "We Came Home." 

Producer: Anna Sussman


You Look Lonely

Sage Tyrtle is a high school girl on the outside looking-in until a new friend brings her into the fold.

Producer: Sage Tyrtle with Anna Sussman and Julia DeWitt


Needles, The Right-Hand Man

In 1944 in Detroit at Jordan's Bar, a young medical student is pressed into action.

Producer: Mark Ristich