The Brass Ring - Snap #624

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Dirty Work

It's an all-new Snap... "Dirty Work."  You know how bad it looks, and it's not gonna get any easier, but you roll up your sleeves and get down to it. 

Gratitude 2015

On the next Snap, "Gratitude 2015." This year, Snap has a whole lot to be thankful for so pass the gravy, and thanks for listening. 

Song Info Story Label

Brazilian Groove (EWF) by Jay Dee J DILLA’S LOST SCROLLS BBE Music
Keep It Coming Feat. J Dilla by Frank N Dank J DILLA’S LOST SCROLLS Delicious Vinyl
Somethin’ That Means Somethin’ (Instrumental) by The Pharcyde J DILLA’S LOST SCROLLS Delicious Vinyl
Runnin’ by The Pharcyde J DILLA’S LOST SCROLLS Delicious Vinyl
Fall In Love by Carlos Nino and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson J DILLA'S LOST SCROLLS Mochilla
Dewitt to Do It by J Dilla J DILLA’S LOST SCROLLS Ruff Draft Records
Ruff and Rugged by J Dilla J DILLA’S LOST SCROLLS J Dilla
The $ by J Dilla  J DILLA’S LOST SCROLLS Stones Throw Records
Time: The Donut of the Heart by J Dilla  J DILLA’S LOST SCROLLS Stones Throw Records
People by J Dilla  J DILLA’S LOST SCROLLS Stones Throw Records
U-Luv by J Dilla  J DILLA’S LOST SCROLLS Stones Throw Records


On the next Snap! Ladies and Gentlemen, sit right back and watch us pull a rabbit out of our hat. From WNYC, we proudly present "Presto!"

Song Info Story Label

Ghana Wanna by Sizemen FULL SHOW Sizemen
Magic Says by Dabrye FULL SHOW Ghostly International
Silly by DJ Babu FULL SHOW Nature Sounds
(Won't You) Stay Stay by Jay Bishop FULL SHOW Jay Bishop
Karma (Instrumental) by Mood CHASING THE DRAGON Blunt Recordings
Dee’Angelo (Bonus) by Def Dee CHASING THE DRAGON Redefinition Records
More Panic by Kryzysztof Komeda CHASING THE DRAGON Harkit Records
Salute by J. Rawls CHASING THE DRAGON Nature Sounds
Best Believe by Pete Rock CHASING THE DRAGON Nature Sounds
Mohulu by Roddy Rod CHASING THE DRAGON Nature Sounds
Dead Man by Misophone BULLET CATCH Another Record
Lacrymae by Melodium BULLET CATCH Audio Dregs
Vazgone by Melodium BULLET CATCH Audio Dregs
8-bit Parrot by Saru BULLET CATCH Saru
Strange Puppet by Saru BULLET CATCH Saru
Forever Changed by Saru BULLET CATCH Saru
Beginning Of The End by Saru BULLET CATCH Saru
Lullaby by Vagabond Opera BULLET CATCH Vagabond Opera
Minutes by Freddie Joachim GOD OF THUNDER Mellow Orange Music
Sayonara (Closure) by Elaquent GOD OF THUNDER Elaquent
Plastic Dub by Suff Daddy GOD OF THUNDER Melting Pot Music
Rain Drops by Freddie Joachim GOD OF THUNDER Mellow Orange Music

Cross To Bear

It's an all-NEW Snap, "Cross To Bear." You don't want it, you didn't create it, but it's all yours.


The Passion: Snap Live! In SF

On the next Snap, we're dropping the story-pocalypse. Snap proudly  presents "The Passion" performed LIVE! at San Francisco's Nourse Theater.

Spooked VI : The Awakening

It's an all-NEW Snap, "Spooked VI: The Awakening". The very bad things we bury and hope they go away forever, but some things... never die. Snap proudly presents: "Spooked VI: The Awakening."

Mystery Man

On the next Snap, "Mystery Man." People think they know who they're dealing with, but on the next Snap Judgment -- we throw them for a loop.

Song Info Story Label

Star Of The Show by J Rawls WAITING FOR THE MAN Fusicology And Polar Entertainment LLC
Meadows and Haytime by Throwing Snow ZODIAC SIGNS
Dusk by Gidge ZODIAC SIGNS Atomnation Records
Nemumel by Sawako ZODIAC SIGNS Baskaru Records
Fall Out by Mount Kimbie ZODIAC SIGNS Warp Records
My Heart Dubs by Peaking Lights GENIUS SPERM
Moonrise by Peaking Lights GENIUS SPERM
Dream Beat (Romare Remix) by Peaking Lights GENIUS SPERM
Meltwater by Northcape GENIUS SPERM Zero Bedroom Music
Chaser (Instrumental) by Electric Wire Hustle FULL SHOW BBE Records
Strange Brewster by PJ Katz FULL SHOW
Dracoola by DJ Babu FULL SHOW Nature Sounds 
Darkness by Mad Wreck FULL SHOW
Giving It Back (Instrumental) by Pat Messy FULL SHOW
Questions by Madlib FULL SHOW Stones Throw Records

The Proxy

It's an all-NEW Snap..."The Proxy." What if you could be you without all of the responsibility, the guilt, and the self-loathing? Too good to be true? ...Maybe not.

Rose Colored Glasses

It's an all-NEW Snap, "Rose Colored Glasses."
You see some people walking around with a permanent smile on their faces... do they know something we don't?

The Brass Ring

On an all-NEW Snap..."Brass Ring." Sometimes you gotta go around the carousel a few times to get the prize.

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