The real story of the inmate Peter Sager.

 Age 2, mother leaves Idaho and my biological father.
       4--- I accidentally burn down our trailor. I tripped over the electic heater and the house went up in minutes.

       4-11--due to no insurance and no money saved, my mother and step father bought a 28 by 32 ft teepee.  I slept
                on the floor and peed the bed until age 7, as I was too afraid to go out into the night and venture to the 
                "outhouse" to go to the bathroom.

       14---leave them and go to my grandparents, as my mother and step father divorced

       18---go to Washington State University, Red Shirt on the golf team, only to be kicked off due to my first semester
              gpa of........0.004.

       18-20--stay at WSU and join a fraternity and get a total of only 25 credits in two years

       20-22--move to Tempe, AZ, get a half ride scholarship to play golf at Mesa Community College, lose that and get 
                  kicked off the team for poor on course conduct during a tournament
                  --caddy for the ex vice president of the US.......Dan Quayl, get fired from that for talking to the newspaper  
                     about Dan's attitude
                  --drop out of school, no golf and meet a sugar mamma who supports a very nice lifestyle

        22-24--break it off with sugar mamma, but cant handle the real world and its pay scale for an uneducated person
                --begin to rob banks to support the lifestyle I had when with the sugar mamma
                --meet a young stripper with a lot of cash and travel to Europe, Central America, Canada and throughout the US
                --get stripper pregnant and try to go legit, buy a business on Hilton Head Island, SC, fall apart after 15 months  
                  go back to banks, caught and given a 28 year sentence
                --caught on Valentine's Day, the last phone call I had with a civilian was, with my ex, mother of my child......
                   "guess what baby, I am going to give you the best Valentine's Day gift ever,............I just called the FBI, click.
          Since incarceration, 2/14/2000
                --finished Bachelor's
                --obtained Master's
                --passed fluency level tests in German, Spanish and French and will test in 5 other languages over the next 24  
                --currently enrolled in Uni of London's School of International Management
                --learned to play guitar and piano and now sing in my own band.......Von Sager
                --done time with and got to know the following very well....Earl Pitts, ex fbi, turned Russian spy; Jonathon 
                  Pollard, Israeli spy; Richard and Richard Gotti Jr, no explanation needed; William Cotrell, whiz kid;
                  Chi Mak, Chinese spy; Pelicano, PI to the stars and  a few more.  I know all of them extremely well.
 Please contact me if there is any interest, thanks and what a great relief it is to have NPR while in PRISON>>>>>>>>>