Snap Judgment : Road Trip - Snap #209

A man can only toil so long sitting at the same desk day after day. After a while, the itch comes--to expand, to learn, to leave on the long, proud highway. This week, stories of people taking trains, planes and automobiles to go--not for the destination, but for the journey.

G Train

Glynn lets you in on the secret of traveling on the cheap in Japan.

Producers: Glynn Washington and Stephanie Foo


Australian Roadkill

As Producer Stephanie Foo's father drives her home from dinner, he regales her with tales of the animals he accidentally ran over in the Australian outback.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Travelin' Band

Scott Terry, the lead singer of the band Red Wanting Blue, has been on the road with his band for a large part of the past decade. During their first national tour, the band discovered that while traveling, it’s not often a bad idea to trust in the kindness of strangers.

Most of the music used in this piece is by the band Red Wanting Blue.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Naked Driving

When Mark Allen gets pulled over for some wild antics on the road, he tells the cops that there isn't anything suspicious in his car.  But he forgot about a few things under the seat...

This story was recorded for the fantastic Risk! True Tales Boldly Told Podcast.

Writer Mark Allen's website can be found here.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Last Chance Cafe

A few years ago our good friend Jeff Greenwald left for a very long trip, a half-way-around-the-world trip, to catch a glimpse of a solar eclipse.  On his journey, Jeff ran into a little trouble while looking for some grub.

Check out more from Jeff on his website:

Producer: Anna Sussman

Courir de Mardi Gras

When Rita D finds herself in Louisiana for Mardi Gras, she thinks she knows exactly what she's in for. Fancy floats, sparkly beads, flashy girls.  So when her friends throw her into their car and head out to the prairie, promising her the time of her life, she's skeptical.  But man oh man, thank goodness ignorance is bliss, because all the freaky mayhem in the world is about to break loose.

Producer: Rita Daniels

Main photo courtesy of Otis Ike.

La Paz

Anna Sussman is an intrepid traveller.  She's been all over the world. So when her husband found a killer deal on an airfare to La Paz, Bolivia they jumped on it.  

Producer: Anna Sussman

Listen to the songs we used in this episode right here:

So imagine my surprise when I was tipped off to being on an NPR radio show about one of my favourite adventures in the Tiki Taxi. Yep, I am Norm and all three days of that journey were fantastic! Scott and the guys from Red Wanting Blue were great to travel with and I would do it again in a heart beat. It is great to know that the Tiki Taxi legend is alive and well and being retold thanks to your show. How do I contact Snap Judgment to figure out how to use the segment for my other fun adventures and send photos of the Tiki Taxi? Thanks for a great show it really moved me! - Norm