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When I was 30, under a lot of stress, I became manic. I had a manic episode. I was admitted to the psychiatric ward of the local hospital. After I was admitted, a very disturbed young woman started calling me Mommy. She would start doing something and then stop. Again and again. I would tell her “Go ahead.” And she would. I had to keep telling her.

Dr. Applebaum told my sister and her husband, “After her admission, she will go completely out of control.”

I liked the hospital. I called it the Harrisburg Hilton. People said I was the only one to call it that. One patient said it was like a Holiday Inn.

I was being given Lithium. After a while, I was on the ground level. I preferred my previous state. I refused to continue taking it.

Days went by. At sometime during my stay, Dr. Applebaum told me that if I didn’t get better, I was going to the State Hospital. This had a sobering impression on me. Suddenly one afternoon, I realized that things seemed very different. I went to the nurses station and told the head nurse, “I’m in the mundane world, and I need a tranquilizer.”

She looked on my chart and found she could give me Haldol.

As I got better, the young woman who called me Mommy became worse. It was sad to see. After my admission, she had been getting much better. Now she was getting worse again.

Nice show! Thanks for sharing the video, I couldn't find this episode anywhere! I also used image editor to make some screenshots for my collection :)

Snap Judgement shows are amazing! I'm in love with these) So many stories, so many people...It's always extremely interesting for me to see other people's lives. Gives a feeling of not being lonely...
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