So She Tries Hard To Steal Him.

Two and a half years ago, I met my love from across the pond on FB. We were in love by first chat. My parents flipped out even though I am a grown adult by the time he and I met. Finally, he came to NYC to see me, and I knew I want him to be my first and the last person I will ever love. I know I maybe extreme that way, but that's the perfect picture,right? Now mind you, he had asked me once or twice to move across the pond to be with him, but being Miss "I need to be in control of my life", I said no because... well, he was unemployed. Last year, he scored a year long contract with a theater company touring Germany, and I thought, "great! he's employed, and we can maybe start planning ahead. He was excited about working, and I'm busy daydreaming about moving to Europe maybe after I finish school to become a nurse. Now at the beginning, he let everyone in his touring group know that he has a girlfriend, and that's me. Of course, some girl in his group decided that she wants a piece of him because isn't that what every girl wants? A wonderfully romantic man, who will cross the ocean (literally in my case) to be with his girlfriend. He probably sounded like a dream to her. I tell him that she is having a crush on him, and just make sure not to mislead her into thinking something will happen between them. In return, he tells me I'm over reacting until that one day he told me, " we kissed, but that was because we were drunk... I feel terrible..." BLAH BLAH BLAH. If I could reach my hand through the computer to bitch slap him, trust me, I would have! But just because one of us acted like a jackass, and like a hormone filled teenager, that doesn't mean I have to... So I forgave him, frankly, to argue through Skype is as pathetic as screaming at the television set while watching Palin being stupid. Now this girl continues to make her moves, taking pictures that made it look like he's her boyfriend and making me cringe every time I look at pictures that pops up onto his profile. The best I could come up with at this point is, me, taking a picture with my cat to tell him that not only I miss him, but my cat, who doesn't give a hairball by the way,also misses him. Yup. I have toss my dignity in the trash by trying every little thing I can think of that I can do online to make him focus on loving only me. Pathetic is a word that comes up a lot in my dictionary lately. From how things are going, I am lost cause at the moment frankly because I am taking pictures alone with a cat while she has him in person every single day.

Moral of the story, don't ever, ever, ever have a long distance relationship no matter what people tell you. It's shitty and not worth the pain. It's going to take a lot of therapy session to clean up the emotional trash that get left behind.

Thank you for reading this rambling mess from a shattered heart left behind by this relationship.