Spaceman - Snap #220

This week Snap goes where no other radio program has gone before. Space, The Final Frontier . . .

Meet astronauts, aliens, and abductees with real stories from Beyond the Beyond. Strap in Snappaz, here comes Spaceman!


On a recent commercial airline flight, Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington discovers that he is not alone.

The Little A'le'Inn

When fourth grader Alexander Paul gets dragged out to the middle of the desert near Area 51 to watch the night sky, he thinks it’s ridiculous.  But then, when he witnesses the unbelievable, his entire life changes.

Produced by Rita Daniels, Mark Ristich and Pat Mesiti-Miller

Buzz Lightyear

Writer Jeff Greenwald delivers a story about when he had the honor or interviewing Buzz Aldrin. Find Jeff's latest book here.

Produced by Anna Sussman

Space Jumper

Former Airforce pilot Joe Kittenger was the first man to go to space without a pressurized cabin. And once he got there, he jumped back down to earth. Find Kittenger's book here.

Produced by Anna Sussman and Mark Ristich

The Alien Uncle Conspiracy

When Glynn Washington was a little boy, his uncle had an elaborate alien conspiracy theory that he adamantly stood behind.  Everyone around thought it was a bunch of hogwash, until one night when lights appeared above the family trailer.

BOVMUT- The Phillip Cantu Story

There’s a lot of strange things going on in New Mexico and one of the strangest is a phenomenon called Cattle Mutilations. It’s so mysterious and bizarre that almost nobody is willing to talk about it even though it’s been plaguing the area for close to forty years. 

Produced by Rita Daniels and Mark Ristich with help from Renzo Gorio, Phaedra Greenwood, David Perkins and Pamela Harris.

The Allagash Four

When four art students went camping in Maine, they expected a normal fishing trip.  They emerged, changed men, bound together forever by what happened in the woods . . .

Produced by Molly Graham and Anna Sussman

Girl from the Next Dimension

All his nerd buddies were always talking about their girlfriends from Canada, but then Mark Ristich one ups them with a girl from the next dimension.  Until... he's gotta break it to his family,


The Six Billion Dollar Man

Host Glynn Washington gets into his time machine and brings a dark tale from the not-too-distant future.

Produced by Pat Mesiti Miller and Glynn Washington