Spooked II: The Return of the Fallen - Snap #226

Be afraid.  Be VERY afraid.  Snap Judgment proudly presents, “Spooked II: Return of the Fallen.”  Real stories about lost souls, and the horror they inflict on the living.  Get the podcast!


When one woman decides to rebuild an old home, she finds that it is currently occupied.

Producer: Rita Daniels

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Graveyard Shift

An apprentice mortician spends his first night alone with a body and finds out how the dead can possess the living. A true story by the writer and performer Kyle Bowen.

Kyle Bowen is a real life graduate of the San Francisco college of Mortuary Science, and has worked as a mortician for over 15 years. He now writes and performs in Chico, CA.

Producer: Jamie DeWolf and Pat Mesiti-Miller

One Man's Bargain

When Ken’s crazy neighbors go into foreclosure, he starts eyeing their 10-acre farmstead. Everyone tells him it’s cursed, but of course, Ken doesn’t believe in those silly things. Until mysterious events start engulfing his family . . .

Thanks so much to Emile Klein for venturing into the haunted house to get this story. Check out his storytelling and art project, You’re U.S.

Producer: Stephanie Foo and Emile Klein

The Dud

When Cisco was a young boy, the kids in his hood played a very dangerous game.

Producer: Rita Daniels and Renzo Gorrio

Old Pictures

Nicole Selken found the perfect room in a Victorian house to rent. When she first walked in, the house was empty except for some old photos of past owners. She didn’t know how well she’d get to know them.

Niki now lives in San Francisco. Check out her website!

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Mo' Poltergeist, Mo' Problems

It’s not easy to scare a fifth degree black belt and professional martial arts instructor.  But it can be done...

Producer: Jamie Dewolf and Anna Sussman

Someone to Watch Over Me

Glynn’s friend Matt discovers a new talent one day while selling frozen submarine sandwiches-- a connection to the spiritual world. But the talent soon becomes a curse when his girlfriend falls ill.

Producer: Stephanie Foo   


Great stories and great tunes! I love listening to "Move" driving on I-75... One day I hope to hear that beat played in all Detroit sports arenas...