The Sport Of Fixed Gear Freestyle In Slow Motion

Wheel Talk, the most progressive fixed gear freestyle crew on the west coast, has teamed up with SPL Pictures to put together one of the juiciest fixed gear freestyle video to date. This piece brings the explosive talents of Wheel Talk founder and 2 Time Red Bull Ride + Style Champion Matt Reyes and his crew featuring Devon Lawson, Anthony Combs, and Grime Bikes founder Mike Schmidtt into crystal clear, high speed visual euphoria. SPL utilized The Sony FS700 and the RED Epic, complete with top-end lenses from Schneider Optics. The resulting footage is what happens when high-end production value meets freestyle fixed gear. Reyes pioneered the sport of FGFS and created Wheel Talk as a lifestyle brand nearly five years ago, adding Anthony and Devon to the team shortly after. Starting from humble beginnings in Gilroy, California and moving the team to fixed-gear heavy San Francisco, Reyes has built the brand into a full on movement, capturing the attention of brands like Red Bull, Oakley, Breezy Excursion and Us Versus Them, just to name a few. This display is the first collaboration between Wheel Talk and SPL, and most assuredly not that last.