The Storyteller - Snap #321

There are those people that when they answer the simple question, "What happened?" magic occurs. All of a sudden we're not living in our world anymore, we are living in theirs. On the next Snap Judgment from NPR and PRX, we proudly present, "The Storyteller."




Falling in love with a superhero IS all it's cracked up to be--except
when the guy turns out to be totally, tragically human.

Producer: Rebecca Hertz


The Gold Ring

What would you do if your best friend called to say she found the Buddha? Jeff Greenwald didn’t have to be told twice - he hopped on the next flight to meet the guy for himself.

Story by Jeff Greenwald.

Producer: Roman Mars


Game Over

The tape rolls as we witness the tearful end of a perfect online world.

Based on a story from Robert Ashley's brilliant A Life Well Wasted internet radio program.

Producer: Roman Mars


Indonesian Psychic Surgery

Glynn Washington let chance set his course and followed a new friend home to his Indonesian village. All was well. Drink, discovery, and friendship reign--until Glynn questioned the most important thing to him.

Producers: Mark Ristich and Stephanie Foo