Tales from The Library - Snap #102

The whole range of human experience isn't just catalogued in a library--it actually takes place inside. Roam the stacks with Snap Judgment, and we'll teach you to hypnotize your friends, jump start your career and stop fanatics from burning your books.

Getting Sleepy

Those "How To Hypnotize" books? Some of them actually work. But be careful how (and who) you place under a trance. Host Glynn Washington tells the story.

Olly Neal Gets His Read On

In the 1950s, it was hard enough to come by a book by a black author, let alone a titillating book by a black author. In this amazing StoryCorps tale, Judge Olly Neal reflects on the first books he ever read - pilfered from the library with the help of a few observant librarians. Produced by Vanara Taing and Michael Garofalo of StoryCorps.

No Judgment

Whether you want to learn about Alexander the Great or get the government to stop stealing your thoughts, a librarian is always there to help.

The Library Ghost

Who you gonna call? Snap Judgment! Shawnette rings the Snap Judgment Storyline with a tale of horror and suspense. . .

The Evil Librarian

Now that we've prayed at the altar of the non-judgmental, first amendment-defending, beacon of democracy librarian, we bring you this counterpoint-- The Evil Librarian. Produced by Roman Mars.

Burning Books

How to cope when the person you're supposed to trust the most destroys your lifelong dream. Host Glynn Washington tells his story.

Tales from the Library

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Thanks very muche for this nice expose. Increase my knowledges.

i liked when Judge Olly Neal told his story , it was sweet and even more so because remembered my own library fears when i was younger. also, what a dedicated librarian!

i liked when Judge Olly Neal told his story , it was sweet and even more so because remembered my own library fears when i was younger. also, what a dedicated librarian!

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She defiled Stranger in a Strange Land?!!! Such sacrilege! As a former high school librarian, and now public library director, I can say that in my experience she is the exception, not the rule. Every profession has its bad apples. 99.9% of us are there to help.

Very entertaining! I'm glad I found this site...

Tell your friends. We've got a weekly show launching in July.

This is my favorite episode. What a religious experience. I now have new and fully-formed faith in hypnotism, librarians and the awesome mixing power of Roman Mars. No Judgment reminds me of The Avalanches' "Frontier Psychiatrist" in the best way possible.