Ten Fingers Winner: Gloria's Story

At the last Ten Fingers, we played a little game: anyone could come up and tell a quick two-minute story about their most embarrassing moment for the chance to win $25. Our last contestant was a sweet, diminutive woman by the name of Gloria. This is her story. Needless to say, she won.


The next Ten Fingers is THIS THURSDAY, July 15th, 2010. Ten Fingers takes place at Cafe Royale at 800 Post, in San Francisco. It starts at 8:45 after the "Inside Story Time" event. It is totally free and the best storyteller can win $150!! Competitors include Janine Brito, Joshua Walters and Dave Thomason. Visit us at storytellingsf.blogspot.com or our facebook for more info!


WARNING: There is some graphic and explicit content!