Two Tickets

“I’d love to go!”

Sitting on top of the world, this is my night.

“Perfect! I’ll pick you up at 8 o’clock.”


It’s 8:13 when I get there. Still plenty of time to make it there. HONK

What did I just do? I should have walked up and knocked. I can’t now, I already honked, right?

Silhouettes pass the curtained window. I should have introduced myself to them. 

Finally she appears in the doorway and floats towards my ’66 Impala. 


It’s 8:15. “Sorry I’m late, I got lost in the neighborhood.” I live two blocks away.

“Oh it’s okay, I didn’t even notice.” Nice save. “I heard your car from down the street!”

She probably heard me start the car at 8:10 too.


We embark on this unknowingly macabre evening and arrive with 10 minutes to spare. 

“Oh I’m going to grab some Milk Duds before”. The clerk asks 

If she wants anything else as I fail to pull out my wallet. 

She pays. I should have paid for that. No, it’s okay because I bought the tickets, right?


After the movie ends we drive in cringe-worthy silence for an eternity back to her house.

“Well thanks for the movie.” My time to shine as I hesitantly stumble towards her and 

She embraces me with stiff arms with plenty of space in between us. 

I pull back and try a romantic stare into her eyes but execute an optometrist exam. 

Another eternity passes. “Well, see you later!” I nailed it.