Unforgettable New York Trip

           Last Christmas, I went to New York for the first time. New York was one of the cities that I had really wanted to visit before I graduate from my university. Whenever I watched several movies with New York as its setting, I wrote down the beautiful places in the movie and collected some information about it. Finally, it was time to open all my knowledge about New York that I had studied in Korea and realize my dream of traveling in New York!
Besides, I bet it would be my best memorable trip in my life because I went to go there with my boyfriend. The time when we got to New York was our first anniversary that we had been with each other. We were so excited to travel to New York together, even though we just stayed there for 5 days. After our travel, he should go back to Korea. For my boyfriend and me, it was a very important trip in our life. After this trip, we are not able to see each other for 5 months. So, we planned our trip precisely in order not to waste our time.
             The trip in New York was awesome! When I got there, it was totally different from Muncie. As I had thought, New York was active and lively. I watched full-speed yellow taxis representing New York. On 5th street, there were lots of fancy and stylish New Yorkers, walking like fashion models. In particular, while I was standing in front of Times-square, I felt like I was in the middle of the world. Most of the people were from other countries. I guess I almost heard over 10 different languages there. When I looked up on the street, all kinds of advertisements were brightening, showing off their colorful notices. I was glad to see the Korean ad among them. When I stayed in the center of New York, I felt like I watched big-screen TV. In addition to the New York downtown, we went to tourist attractions. We went to The Statue of liberty, The Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museums, and so on.
While we’re traveling, we were always satisfied about our plan. The restaurants were so good and the hotel was cozy and comfortable. But, the one thing that we didn’t expect was the traffic issue. Even if the hotel was cheaper than others and the service was nice, the distance from the hotel to the downtown was too far to walk, even worse there’s no subway that we could take from our hotel. The only choice was to take a shuttle bus in front of the hotel. It was so expensive that we spent over 150 dollars for traffic expenses while I was staying at the hotel. But, we just tried to think it didn’t matter because we didn’t know before and it happened already. There’s nothing that we could do at that time. So, we tried to look on the bright side. However, it was the beginning of my terrible and tough experience in New York.
             It was a cloudy day when I went to the LaGuardia airport to take my flight to come back to Muncie. My flight was supposed to depart at 4 p.m. So, I got up at 10 a.m., packed all my stuff, and arrived to the airport around 12 p.m. When I took a shuttle bus to get to the airport, it was snowing. At that time, I was happy to have a white Christmas with my boyfriend.
Happy feeling lasted just a few hours. When I checked in at the airport, I saw a sign that my flight was canceled because of the snow, so I needed to take a flight tomorrow at same time. Of course, my boyfriend’s flight was canceled, too. In fact, I was really pleased that I could stay with my boyfriend for a day for free! It looked like the snow didn’t matter at all because it’s not too much and the crew also said we could take a flight tomorrow. As we did, we tried to look at the bright side.
However, to stay in a hotel near the airport, we needed to pay more than 100 dollars for a day! It was definitely expensive to us because our trip was supposed to take 5 days. We were almost out of money. As a solution, we searched any hostels that Korean runs. The prices of them were affordable to us. Finally, we found out a good one! It was only 60 dollars for two people and the owner of the hostel was really kind. However, the disadvantage of the hostel was the distance. It looked a little bit far from the airport. But, there was no choice to us. We decided to get there and took a bus to go to the nearest subway station.
Until then, we didn’t expect snow would become a big deal because at that time, snow was not heavy. The reason why my flight was canceled was the cities’ weather nearby New york. Actually, it became a really big problem after a few hours. When we were about to get to the subway station, snow turned to a snow storm. It made streets slippery and kept the traffic from moving forward. Even though all the traffic was stopped, I didn’t worry because I would take a subway not a bus or a taxi. It would go underground. I thought I made a perfect choice. As a matter of fact, it was the most terrible choice I had made while I was traveling in New York. I didn’t expect there would be an above-ground train line. But, I did take that line. Even worse, the snow storm became a howling blizzard and the city I went to issued a heavy snow warning alarm. The strong storm made the line frozen and slippery and it resulted in continuous stops of the train I took. Also, the strong wind that the blizzard had shaken whole compartments of the subway and it scared me for a long time. It took over one and a half hours to get to my destination, even though it was just 10 stations far from the station where I took the subway.
After I reached to our destination, we had one thing to overcome. We had to walk all the way down to get to the hostel. Did I mention that it was the day that snow storm just hit the city? As time went by, snow was piled up 2 meters high. It was absolutely tough to scatter the snow aside and walk for 30 minutes. The snow storm kept blocking our eyes to see forward and made me difficult to go even one step. So, when we got to the hostel, it was almost 2 a.m. Both of us were all exhausted. So, as soon as we went to bed, we fell asleep after a few minutes. Also, we had to get up early on the next day for our flights. In the morning, after we took a rest for a while, we packed our stuff and went out in a hurry to make it on flight time. Fortunately, there was no more snow. The sky was clear, even if the wind was still cold.
We went to the nearest bus station, looking for the bus to get to the airport. However, we heard terrible news from people who were standing on the bus stop. Because of the snow storm, the traffic was paralyzed in many places. All the trains and taxis were already stopped. They didn’t even know if buses would come or not. They were just waiting for the bus to come. Oh My God! It was almost 12 p.m. and my flight would depart at 4 p.m. What could I have done when I heard the news? My decision was to make my way by ourselves. I mean, my boyfriend and I wrote down the bus routes that the bus would follow and went on foot, following the routes! It looked not that far. We thought we could make it after one hour if we kept walking. So, we walked over and over following the route. That’s easier said than done. The further I walked through, the heavier my luggage became. To make matters worse, when we arrived on about halfway, we noticed that we couldn’t go on foot because it was an expressway. If we didn’t have a car, there’s no way to get there. It had us depressed and frustrated. There was no hope anymore.
At that time, fortunately, we found out a notice that written in Han-gul by chance! (It’s Korean characters.) It was a Korean company. I felt it was miracle. Who could know I found a Korean company just then! The staff of the company was dipping out snow with a shovel. Failing in every attempt at the airport and bus station continuously, we decided to beg earnestly to them that if it was possible, please take us to the airport. Fortunately, they were willing to drive us. They seemed to angels to us. So, for their favor, we could get to the airport before my flight time.
However, something bad happened again. When I checked in, a flight attendant said runways were all frozen, so the flight couldn’t take off for customer’s safety. What is worse was they didn’t even know when the flight could take off, so I needed to check in again. Maybe it could be two or three days later. It was so gloomy that I almost cried. It was too cold sleeping at the airport and run out of pocket money. Where could I sleep? My boyfriend also checked his flight and heard his flight was canceled as well. We didn’t have enough money, so we just decided to stay and sleep at any seats in the airport. But lots of people were in the same situation like us. A bunch of people needed seats to stay and sleep. So, the airports offered some fabricated bed, pillow, and blanket for the people like us. Even though it was better than just sleeping at any seats, the bed was hard and folded continuously. I couldn’t sleep sound. I guess it took more than 1 hour to fall asleep.
As I did, I stayed and slept for 2 more days at the airport. In the long run, after 2 days later, I could take my flight to come back to Muncie. I spent 4 days more at New York, but it was a totally tired and exhausted experience. Even when someone asked me how the New York trip was, only the tough things that had happened to me came to my mind.
After coming back to Muncie, however, I began to think about it over again. Even though it was a tough experience, now when I look back, it’s funny because I guess only a few people had this kind of experience and I had! The experience that I had in New York will be the most terrible, but also the most unforgettable memory for me forever.


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