Utopia - Episode 106

Snap Judgment searches for that perfect place just around the bend--our own Shangri-La.  The lucky few who find utopia often discover it surrounded by enemies, clamoring to tear it down.  Get the podcast!

Amazon Jungle

When a North American photographer makes his way into the Amazonian jungle to visit a native tribe, he learns why the Brazilian government keeps nosy tourists as far away as possible.   Produced by Rebecca Hertz.

Game Over

The tape rolls as we witness the tearful end of a perfect online world.

Produced by Roman Mars, based on a story from Robert Ashley's brilliant A Life Well Wasted internet radio program.

Tourist Boat

Jeff and his girlfriend escape the beaten path and all those annoying tourists.  Camping on a primitive island far, far away from “Resortville,” they discover what happens when survival and opportunity collide.

Produced by Roman Mars and Sarah Jessee.


Christianity was too violent.  Buddhism was too peaceful.  And everything was too organized.  So David and his friends came up with their own religion: Terrantism. They got a church, priests - pretty soon, they thought they'd found the secret to spiritual enlightenment.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Sam Green

Sam Green, director of the live documentary “Utopia in Four Movements,” discusses the fleeting nature of utopia. 

Going to Petra

Glynn struggles whether to escape the apocalypse in paradise . . .


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