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Chapter 20


Chapter 21


Chapter 22


Chapter 22


Chapter 23
Uh oh.  My cat fish cannot visit me. "I met a half hour with the forces that would tell you. I can not come. " I have no idea what that means.  But she cannot come.  Its probably best....


Check out my story on my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/breath-junkie/my-phobic-fight

Last night I got in a big fight with myself.  I’m still achey this morning.  In the after-fight there is exhaustion.  Just...


Chapter 24
Tonight is filled with repeating.  An elevated level of repeating.  They get all excited every now and then, and tonight is then.  I can't predict patterns but tonight is crazy repeating themselves.  ...


we'll take a break tonight.  I don't enjoy writing these things.  Were waiting till the housing dispute is over…then the RICA….go do something else tonight people.


I was trimming oak trees with a hand saw in my front yard, last summer. It was hot sweaty work. I was wearing safety glasses because of all of the woods chips. I was climbing up and down the large oak trees taking out dead branches or branches...


I'm watching wrestling on T.V.  These guys are beasts.  I wrestled in high school.  I hurt someone my junior year.  I never wrestled again.
I'm back home from my first bike ride.  I dropped a back pack off...


Chapter 27
I wonder if they can make tampons for men with really bad gas.  My room smells.  I'm moving soon.  The second ride is over.  There is no way I could do this in thirty five rides.  I close my eyes...


Chapter 28
This will be 45 minutes of the fans of an MMA fight on T.V. talking at me.
"James likes her."
"James up."
"Why'd you write it?"
"Write E."
"Stick with...


The audio link below details an experience I had as a mother raising a very independant daughter.  


Chapter 30


Being a new second generation Japanese American is not easy. On one side, the Japanese scruitnize you for not being like them or your body language is "not the same" as them. On the other hand, I lived in a world where I could not...