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This is a legitimate story and one that needs to be heard.  have you ever heard of such a situation?

After the interval, Foster was rarely troubled and there were spells when we were reminded that Costa Rica’s 28th position in...


There is no end in site


My Grandmother was Vesta Gertrude Pattinson. She lived on Annabelle Avenue in Brooklyn Park, Maryland. She was my only living Grandmother as a child, so I based everything I knew about grandparents on her. She bore the weight of that...


Bag is the protection of the woman and the biggest wealth and spiritual content. Every woman who is just about to go out should be a make-up and organize their own appearance and manner, then hold their bags and walk out the entranceway. It can...


Finnish gorgeous enjoyable, unconventional and additionally fashionable, bridal flowers veil, casually glowing marks about garmets has become the expression about Chloe and additionally women’s fashions.


Memories without the feelings are like facts in a history book. But a crazy thing happened, and I got the feelings back. (Text is abridged. Audio version is a more detailed story - 15 mins)



An encounter with Law Enforcement at the local E.R. My girlfriend the ex-deputy tending and I'm left to secure her gun with cops and handcuffed bad guys just next door. I know I'll hide it in the doritos bag...yee, that's it.



Chapter 47


Chapter 48


Capter 49
Hey critic!   You get fifteen minutes.  Ready set go!
Like her.  
be savior.
your on!
knees cut roads
so sip.
we shell.
I'll stop you.
slap steep
you nip...


Chapter 50


Chapter 51
I traded a burrito for the internet.  But that just means while I'm on the internet people can yell at my window that I'm a bad shopper with my new comforters.  And my porn selections aren't up to my voyeurs...


Chapter 52
Go away people.  I don't care …why are you here?