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So you know that friend , the stubborn one ,the one that you can show facts and grafs to prove your point but they still think there rite . Yea that one , well that guy just happend to be one of my best friends in high school , not to...


Hi folks, this is from my "Grateful Journals" that I regularly post on FaceBook.


It's called "The Passenger."





Dear SNAP, 

My name is Jonathan and I am an independant filmmaker working on a documentary about a crimefighter who lived in Nairobi during the 1970s and 80s and killed hundreds of suspects. He also worked as a humanitarian at an...


chwilówki bez bik praktyczny aspekt skarbowy wydatkiem innego podmiotu, tj. wyjąwszy należności lub nowej postaci ekwiwalentu od strony świadczeniobiorcy. Rezygnacja...


Chapter 64


Chapter 65
I got yelled at……………………………………
I got yelled at at work, because I wasn't efficient.  
I hate getting yelled at...


Chapter 66


Chapter 67


Chapter 68
My locker at work flooded when my camel back back packs nozzle on squeeze with the safety off and it bled cool aid all over my coats I needed to wash, all over my shoes and shorts and shirt.  I took the least pink coat and...


Chapter 69
What am I your personal muse?  Make him write again.  Tell him what to do.  Make sure the only words he hears all day are what those people at the top of your stupid pyramid scam want you too. 
I demand...


Chapter 70


Chapter 71


Chapter 72


chwilówki bez bik Węgrom, kiedy kraj znajdował się na skraju zbankrtuowania.