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By Laura Toffenetti 


I have the whole story here ...



 I have recorded and scored my story Mouse Revival.. please have a listen to my mp3 below...THANKS!

   so there I was a peaceful little buddhist boy I prefer the term W.A.S.A.B.I or white anglo saxon buddhist individual getting ready for my new school I mentioned offhandely that I was gay and that all hell broke loose I can't changing...

We were both born in 1950 - a few months and five houses apart. Her family was Catholic; my family was my mother, grandmother and great grandmother. We were Jehovah’s Witnesses.


 "The club is now closing "  I heard the watresses say almost in chorus over the loud music in this Thai favorite disco..It was Bangkok ,Nana  Soi 11        .... 2 am and a club of mostly thai party...

Smile and nod.

White Tiger
The following story is completely fiction.   It is what inspired me to write, Bethyl and the Dragon Dagger.


How to Live Cancer Free – “The Cancer Odyssey” by Margaret Bermel
Bill Henderson interviews Margaret Bermel about her new book called “The Cancer Odyssey.”
Margaret researched cancer treatment options and...

Why I thought it would be a good idea to hitchike to California . . . from Michigan . . . in late December . . . . I don't really know.  But I was prepared.  Had my bright orange official Air Force survival jumpsuit, with 101 pockets,...

I heard the plug for the Father's Day show and had to tell this childhood story.