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Concealed n' confined, compressed with time, locked up and convicted of a sensless crime.

Now comprised of the night this moonlit hustla is compelled to find, a conspicuous enlightened mindful eye on why or just a sign.



DE-construsted!  Destructive!  My world’s stuck crumblin’,

It’s crushed in, I wish these walls would combust with this day sucked in,




Christian and Ryan, January 1st 2006, gone but not forgotten,

it was the day them baby boys had to go home to...


Death Of Dreams                                      ...



Hello. My name is Micheaux Fortson. I go by the trade name UrbanVoodoo. I am a Spoken Word Artist from Inglewood California by way of New Orleans, Louisiana. I have been writing for most of my life although in my early years I was often in some...


Its hot.  I am in the shade and still baking, still waiting for R(i)TA the patron saint of desperate, lost causes.  She stays busy in this city that care forgot.  


My head sags, soaked in the steam rising from...








My name is Liz Jones, and I am a Poet, Writer and Success Educator that resides in Long Beach, California.


My first memory is watching the rain trace root systems on the windowpane while listening to my father beating my sister.
Well, technically, she's my half sister.
The sound wasn't unusual. Raised voices and hidden violence; Must be...





I used to cruise a lowrider
A firme ’63 Bel Air
Everything was original
Except the hydros
I even took the pilgrimage
To Espanola, New Mexico
The lowrider capital of the world
And I got...


 In addition to being a king himself, Odin was a shapeshifter, and frequently roamed the world in disguise. One of his favorite manifestations was that of a one-eyed old man…the one-eyed man appears regularly as a bringer of wisdom...