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your word processor and whether it is running under Windows or
This is worth knowing because it can be extremely useful to be
MTRTSR and your word processor. Note: you will need to create a batch
brief style, to contrast it...


Because of a very rare bug in the BIOSs (hard-wired programming) of
Clears the current history list in memory.
similar, but, while Write behaves quite well, Word...


k-`ezra-n. And Samuel 1 and 2, Kings 1 and 2, and Divrei-Hayamim 1 and
alphabet in both upper and lower case characters, the numerals 0-9,
MTR, we recommend that you append the following command to the batch
Bible is...


This file is the English version of MTR's on-line help, which is
two modes is in the way MTR displays the results of a search operation.
work with it like any other Windows-compatible DOS program. If your


conduct a general search following a search with more limited scope.
will display an error message. Try reentering the same search term
haqdamah # h q d m h #
clipboard. You must now transfer it from there to your...


running MTR.COM, MTRTSR.COM and MTRFONTS.COM. These options are used
a one-letter prefix (t, n, or k) followed by a hyphen separating it
2 commencing the search
3 using mtr's /d command-line option
" sh l w sh h d b r...


have come across three different methods for handling parentheses
you can first browse through the context of the item just found by
titles, section or chapter headings, and the like.
p s sh r.
daf (d P...


(The installation program on the Mechon-Mamre diskettes does this for
they formed one word.
useful for studying two texts in tandem -- e.g. Mishneh Torah plus a
represent things such as box-drawing characters, additional


One of the most interesting pieces can be a knee-length black on line dress with elbow-length sleeves that functions a white lining as well as a well-sculptured cream color top with " totally exposed " shoulders, which is always paired with an...


Alt-T (Alef) switches between the Bible and Onqelos ("awnqlws")
(festival) will also find mu`ad (an animal with a previous history of
MTR does not include any printer drivers, and therefore does not


Most people appreciate cannot avoid definitely serious illnesses and disabilities, we can certain we have economic independence survey protection we need with dread sickness cover and incapability insurance.


Israel. If you take note of the Hebrew letters for the above keys on
is a separate directory for each book, and the files in a particular
displays certain characters (characters 128-154 of the ASCII
the exclusion of the others...


Talmud Bavli, Tractate Ta`anit, you could define the scope as
" p s x " n sh y (that is, "pesach" nashim)
opened up from within some other program, except for Windows. Doing
numbered as here.)


mo`ed and the `a in mo`adot both represent an ayin.)
the following executable files, which are self-displaying text files:
or or or
simple text-searches for single words or phrases up to 75 characters in
software is all...


Switches to text-browsing mode, or does nothing if you are
to go to: search for:
for rather inefficient storage, but the advantages are that ordinary
vocalised Hebrew text. They impose a phraseological...