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- Speed optimizations in AES code for Intel's 32nm CPUs.
Command line version: -slp switch.
file name extensions
- 7-Zip now shows file names during compressing/decompressing
- Archive headers now always are compressed...


if each solid block contains no more than one file.
- New match finders for LZMA: bt4b, hc3, hc4.
- Updating 7z archives in Beta 8 and 9 didn't work.
- Unicode (UTF-8) support for filenames in ....


- New "Benchmark" command in 7-Zip File Manager.
- Some other bugs were fixed
It measures compressing and decompressing speeds and


- New -spf switch to store full file paths including drive letter to archive.
- RAM requirements for LZMA (7z) decompression were reduced.
3.09.01 beta 2003-09-06
- Supporting Unicode names in...


to GZip archives.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- Viewing properties of file by Ctrl-A.
- New context menu items for .ZIP archives creating.
9.22 beta 2011-04-18
- 7-Zip now can unpack ZIP archives encrypted with...


4.14 beta 2005-01-11
- "7-Zip" and "System" submenus in "Files" menu.
- Switch "--" stops switches parsing
- Compression ratio in Zip/GZip/Deflate in Ultra mode was increased
- New key...


- Some bugs were fixed.
9.16 beta 2010-09-08
- in Fast mode: 16 MB
4.57 2007-12-06
when files have some very big sizes:
- New localization: Tatarish
- New...


- Normal: 2 MB dictionary, BCJ filter
4.28 beta 2005-09-27
- New console client.
- Speed optimizations in AES code for Intel's 32nm CPUs.
So don't use it for important data compressing.
- 7-Zip now can unpack...


4.18 beta 2005-04-19
- Some bugs were fixed.
- Compressing speed in 7z format was slightly increased.
4.60 beta 2008-08-19
- Drag-and-Drop from external application
9.06 beta 2009-08-17


- Some files were moved from main package to extra package:
- new -sdel switch to delete files after including to archive.
- Decryption support (Rar and Zip).
- Showing percents during extracting...


GUI: 7-Zip File Manager / Options / Settings / Use large memory pages.
7z a -mf=bcj2 a.7z a.tar
dll, exe, ocx, sfx, sys, (-mf switch)
2.30 Beta 1 2001-05-07
- To increase protection from viruses, 7-Zip now does not open...


- First level 7-Zip Plugin for FAR Manager.
slower than Normal mode.
- 7-Zip now can extract ZIP archives compressed with "Shrink" method
names of subdirectories that use national
- New localizations: Hebrew, Vietnamese....


- Showing percents during extracting ZIP archives sometimes
- Decompressing solid Rar archives sometimes gave error.
- in Maximum mode: 1 GB
- Some bugs were fixed.
some files were skipped...


Now it installs 7-Zip for all users (under Windows 2000/XP).
- Speed optimization (5%) for 7z / LZMA
- Updating 7z archives that are larger than 4 GB.
2.30 Beta 7...


- 7-Zip now can unpack UDF, XAR and DMG/HFS archives.
was: 7z a a Folder1\* Folder2\* -r
- Big amount of code was changed in this beta version.
- Drag-and-Drop from external application
- RAR supporting was improved....