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- Sfx modules 7z.sfx and 7zCon.sfx now use msvcrt.dll
9.12 beta 2010-03-24
2.00 Beta 1 1999-01-02
4.20 2005-05-30
- The console version now doesn't show entered password.


- Small internal changes
9.19 beta 2010-11-11
- 7-Zip now uses progress indicator displayed on a taskbar button under Windows 7.
- 7-Zip now shows file names during compressing/decompressing
- New "Compress shared...


- The default encoding for TAR format now is UTF-8. You can use -mcp=1 switch for OEM encoding.
- Supporting Rar 1.50 archives.
- Opening archive items in Explorer.
- Some other bugs were fixed....


- 7-Zip File Manager:
7z a -mf=bcj2 a.7z a.tar
- Supporting Rar 1.50 archives.
- New switch: -scsUTF-8 specifies charset for list files.
9.21 beta 2011-04-11
9.13 beta 2010-...


- New console client.
- Supporting encrypted Rar3 archives.
- Optional "Flat View" mode in 7-Zip File Manager
- Encrypt file names option
2.30 Beta 11 2002-01-15
- new -sns switch to...


- New optional archive header compressing mode (-mhcf).
was slightly increased.
- 7-Zip now doesn't interrupt the compressing when file is locked by
- 7-Zip now can unpack NTFS, FAT, VHD and MBR archives.
- Some bugs were...


- Automatic compression filter for executable files:
- New localization: Uyghur.
- Now it's possible to use -mSW- and -mSW+ switches instead of -mSW=off and -mSW=on
4.11 beta 2004-11-16...


- New localization: Valencian.
and if -so switch is specified, 7-Zip prints messages to stderr.
other application. 7-Zip just skips that file and shows warning.
- New localizations: Portuguese, Portuguese Brazil, Serbo-Croatian...


9.21 beta 2011-04-11
- 7za.exe now supports 7z, bzip2, gzip, tar, zip.
- Now 7-Zip deletes files to the Recycle Bin by default.
- Code size optimization
application and shows warning in...


- Command line version:
- Supporting RAR 3.0 archives.
- Normal: 2 MB dictionary, BCJ filter
- Some bugs were fixed.
2.21 2000-12-21
- New -sccDOS switch to specify charset for console input/output (...


- 7-Zip now reduces dictionary size for LZMA, if you compress files
- New "Compress shared files" option in GUI and -ssw switch.
- Auto adding .exe extension to SFX archive name.
could work...


- Encrypt file names option
- New -spf switch to store full file paths including drive letter to archive.
- It's possible to specify Diff program in options (7-Zip File Manager).
- New localizations: Catalan, Norwegian, Romanian...


commands with non-recursive wildcards in combination
- Some bugs were fixed
- 7-Zip now can extract or test several archives in one command
- new -sns switch to store NTFS alternate streams (for WIM format only)....


4.23 2005-06-29
- 7-Zip now doesn't interrupt the compressing when file is locked by
- New localization: Norwegian Nynorsk.
Default charset for list files is UTF-8 now.
in command line version (-aot switch)....


2.30 Beta 7 2001-11-04
- New localization: Galician
- 7-Zip now can open/copy/compress disk images (like \\.\c:) from \\.\ folder.
-ssc<>] enables/disables...