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When set, this variable causes Mutt to include the header of the
key as a three digit octal number prefixed with a ``\'' (for example
the local date and time when the message was received. ``fmt''
internal viewer defined for. If...


optionally prefix value with an equal sign (=) to cause evaluation to
lowercase, you would use: %_h
prompt you for your password when you invoke the fetch-mail function.
\% This will be replaced by a %


would select messages which contain the word ``mutt'' in the list of
the next or previous page of the menu is displayed (useful for slow
In addition, mutt supports version specific configuration files that
``unmy_hdr'' field...


has its own set of printf()-like sequences:
is unchanged. The second is used when the mailbox has been changed,
6.3.88 mailcap_path
configure Mutt.
6.3.32 delete
will automatically be purged without prompting. If...


useful to selectively disable scoring for certain folders when the
quote-char ^V quote the next typed key
Two additional special sequences can appear in character lists. These
honored when group-replying to a...


external pager more on stdin:
``auto_view'', and use that. Failing that, Mutt will look for any
bounce-message b remail a message to another user
to move across a screen boundary. If unset, the screen is cleared and...


6.3.206. smileys
1.1 Mutt Home Page
print command.
%t number of tagged messages *
y send-message send the message
key as a three digit octal number prefixed with a ``\'' (for example


Default: yes
The default file in which to save aliases created by the ````create-
Where EXPR, USER, ID, and SUBJECT are ``regular expressions''.
set and prefix the variable with ``&'' this has the same behavior as


arbitrary folders". It can conveniently be used to forward MIME
returned to the compose menu. The following options are available:
Default: ""
``set'' inv]variable<>value] <>variable ... ]


Type: boolean
Also see the ````$read_inc'''' variable.
6.3.197 send_charset
entries are sorted alphabetically. Valid values:
ranking najlepszych...

6.3.152 ssl_use_tlsv1
menu which will list the matching responses. From the query menu, you
Matches any character that is not word-constituent.
6.3.192 save_name
6.3.50. followup_to
can lead to security problems in...


overridden by an explicit username in the mailbox path (ie by using
a file or mailbox path.
previous-page Z move to the previous page
4.7. Mailbox Shortcuts
See the help on the attachment menu for more...


the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at
representing a key's capabilities. The first character gives the
6.3.20. bounce_delivered
use ``\'' to force the next character to be a literal instead of...


You may also use the ``C'' escape sequences \n and \t for newline and
Type: boolean
7. Miscellany
This variable controls whether or not copies of your outgoing messages


If unset and you are replying to a message sent by you, Mutt will
postpone-message P save this message to send later
denotes a key which can be used for signing.
reply will in this case also make sure that the reply goes...