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Type: boolean
Also see the ````$read_inc'''' variable.
6.3.197 send_charset
entries are sorted alphabetically. Valid values:
ranking najlepszych...

6.3.152 ssl_use_tlsv1
menu which will list the matching responses. From the query menu, you
Matches any character that is not word-constituent.
6.3.192 save_name
6.3.50. followup_to
can lead to security problems in...

overridden by an explicit username in the mailbox path (ie by using
a file or mailbox path.
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4.7. Mailbox Shortcuts
See the help on the attachment menu for more...

the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at
representing a key's capabilities. The first character gives the
6.3.20. bounce_delivered
use ``\'' to force the next character to be a literal instead of...

You may also use the ``C'' escape sequences \n and \t for newline and
Type: boolean
7. Miscellany
This variable controls whether or not copies of your outgoing messages

If unset and you are replying to a message sent by you, Mutt will
postpone-message P save this message to send later
denotes a key which can be used for signing.
reply will in this case also make sure that the reply goes...

6.3.80 implicit_autoview
4.6. Mailbox Formats
value of a variable by prefixing the name of the variable with a
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This variables specifies whether to attempt to use TLSv1 in...

\cA and \ca are all equivalent. An alternative form is to specify the
$ save changes to mailbox
viewer definition.
Default: yes
next-subthread ESC n jump to the next subthread
Default: ask-yes

upper case letter, and case insensitive otherwise. Note that ``\''
The following are the commands understood by mutt.
6.3.33 delete_untag
2.3.1 The Message Index
2.3.3 Threaded Mode
try them. Authentication methods...

Note that this command is also available on the ``compose menu''.
error-prone. The account-hook command may help. This hook works like
6.3.195. score_threshold_flag
previous-thread ^P jump to previous thread...

of an IMAP 'AUTH=xxx' capability string, eg 'digest-md5', parameter is
read_inc messages have been read (e.g., if set to 25, Mutt will print
in a reply. For a full listing of defined printf()-like sequences see

With this command, you can specify an order in which mutt will attempt
t) match if there is at least one match in the whole list. If you want
new messages. Mutt will automatically enter this mode when invoked
the rename-file...

7. Miscellany
Default: "/usr/sbin/sendmail -oem -oi"
Type: boolean
file too.
optional_string is the string you would like printed if status_char is
``E'' encrypts, ``S'' signs and ``S'' signs with the given key,...

3.4. Defining aliases for character sets
entire session will be encrypted and invisible to those teeming
When set, the message you are forwarding will be attached as a
``spool'' mailbox and mailbox specifies where mail should be...