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script with the --enable-imap flag), it has the ability to work with
Type: quadoption
decode-copy ESC C decode a message and copy it to a file/mailbox
Default: no
Default: no

Default: no
blank, or definitions.
the ' and " delimiters). For this to match, the mail's subject must
group-reply g reply to all recipients
6.3.42. encode_from
6.3.140. pgp_import_command


when displaying the body of the message. This function toggles the
Controls whether 8-bit data is converted to 7-bit using either Quoted-
as text/plain. If the file contains binary information, then Mutt
When set, Mutt will...


ph/qi, bbdb, or NIS through a wrapper script which connects to mutt
Note: If you only need to fetch all messages to local mailbox you
is set, this option will have no effect.
6.3.103. mime_forward
like sh and...


the ``system'' configuration file (defaults set by your local system
from the command line with the -y option.
%e MIME content-transfer-encoding
represent all of ``'' ``'' and ``e''. In this case, <>=e=]]
See ``...


%s As seen in the basic mailcap section, this variable is expanded
move the messages to another machine, and reply to some the messages
This variable controls whether mutt, when sorting by threads, threads


character (-) marks an untrusted association, a space character means
files specified by the mailboxes command, and indicate which contain
6.3.145. forward_decrypt
Mutt also supports the Mail-Followup-To header. When you send...


text. It is strongly recommended that you do not set this variable
Default: ""
with all the URLs and start a WWW browser on one of them. This
Controls whether or not messages are really deleted when closing or


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The story, which as a former NPR reporter, I've always meant to do, belongs to a friend from Las Vegas.  It's about how he and his four brothers, walking down the old strip on New Year's night, their first time together in years...


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Learn all you can about home improvement. Although this is going to require dedication on your end, it can be done. There is plenty of information below to help you get started.

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