White Interview

(Every line contains a lie)


It hangs from his neck loosely. The stitching is frayed in the center. “Nice tie.”

“Thank you. Hand-woven silk, custom made, and two hundred dollars.

Your resume is impressive”. He must have seen nothing past black ink and cardstock.

A drop of sweat rolls down my neck as he asks where I see myself in five years. It’s hot in here.

“I hope to be advanced within the company with a team under me.”

He leans back in his chair and rests his interlocked fingers atop his protruding pregnant stomach. 

Another bead of sweat drops when he asks what my weaknesses are. The heater is on.

“People tell me I’m too much of a perfectionist.” I tell him as my tie is tied incorrectly.

“What a unique weakness.” The ceiling is painted with his glance.

“All my customers experience complete satisfaction” I say inside a bunker of negative comment cards.

“Well I’ve heard all I need to hear. We’ll be in touch.”