Why I'm a Teacher

Want to know why I'm a teacher?

Because my whole week, sometimes whole MONTH is made by just ONE child FINALLY bringing in his homework.

Because I go into purchase overload when I walk into a teacher store.

Because I still get a little Christmaslike thrill when the box of book orders shows up.

Because I know that hairy purple tree your child drew is actually a picture of me teaching.

Because I like working a second job/going to "recommended seminars"/redecorating my classroom/writing up year-long scope and sequences/learning an ENTIRELY new ELA delivery method during the summer, all while people tell me how easy I have it with my 3 (ha!) months off (DOUBLE ha!).

Because I honestly think "What do ghosts eat at McDonald's? BOO-gers!" is one of the world's greatest unappreciated pieces of humor.

Because (aside from parenting) I was suited for nothing else with my ocular disability (eyes in the back of my head).

Because the smell of paste, chalk, pencil shavings and old lunches all blended together somehow makes me feel at home.

Because I actually take great delight in lining up my classes' state testing scores and plotting ways to raise them every year.

Because debunking the "my child is perfect" myth is not NEARLY as thrilling as debunking the "that kid'll NEVER make it" myth.

Because I want to be like MY teacher was, delighted to see a student she'd had nearly 15 years ago.

Because it helps feed me secret addiction to overhead marker ink/chalk dust/dry marker crumbs.

Because I love repeating myself (Turn to page 4...page 4...we're on page 4...that's page 5, not page 4. Turn to page 4...PAGE 4!!!)

Because I want to prove something to all the bad teachers I had.

Because I want to be as memorable as all my good teachers were.

Because after Christmas/spring break/any vacation beyond a week and a half, I'm actually DELIGHTED to go back to work.

Because I want to know I did something to affect world policy in 2040 and beyond way back when I told my class "Do unto others..."

Because kids are a GREAT audience.

Because in every situation we all have something to learn and something to teach ...and I get to do both every day.

Because I not only BELIEVE I make a difference, I SEE it in the faces of my children.

Because I honestly have nothing better to do with my time than make sure your child grows up to be a decent human being.

And finally,

 Because deep in my heart of hearts, it's KILLING me that I have begun each one of these sentences with "because"!