Ali, the world's first 6-inch FHD flagship theater ultimate phone ZOPO ZP990


Two years ago, the domestic mobile phone whether it is still in a non- technical level, are now walking behind international companies at the technical level . And today , two years later , the situation has been very different , at least in the non-technical level, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers have started to go its own way, such as the screen size is no longer confined to the Android camp leader Samsung big screen boundaries, the positioning of the product is also clearer. Xiao Bian today came to the hands of this ZOPO ZP990 is such a model. Along with Xiaobian to interpret what this specific positioning as " the ultimate cinema phone" 6 -inch large- screen phone it.

A 6 -inch screen of the phone in his hand , in the bus , subway or friend gatherings where many people , it is to earn attention , so it is particularly important to shape perception . So, what kind of shape style more suitable? Obviously, simple and elegant is a good choice. In fact , ZOPO ZP990 did, basically achieve the desired goal.

ZOPO ZP990 front is covered by a single piece of Corning Gorilla Glass , did not set any physical buttons below the screen Android buttons used in all three classic touch design, to avoid damage to the overall sense of physical buttons , so that the fuselage has a strong sense of unity . Top of the screen is a common proximity sensor, light sensor , earpiece , front camera , in line with the overall aesthetic simplicity , a message status indicator is hidden in the panel below.