Identity Crisis - Snap #417

It's an all-new Snap... "Identity Crisis."  When you go to find yourself, to discover who you are, what if the person you uncover is not who you thought you were?  Storytelling with a beat... from PRX and NPR.

Step Into The Den

When Glynn goes to meet his girlfriend's parents for the first time he spouts forth from both ends.

Producer: Pat Mesiti Miller


Amnesia Forever

Early one morning, a cleaning woman found an unconscious man, naked and bleeding, in the dumpster behind a Burger King in Georgia. When he woke up, he had no memory of who he was or anyone he knew.

Benjaman Kyle is the subject of the documentary Finding Benjaman (

Producer: Nick van der Kolk

Dawg Pills

Joshua Walters drops by Snap Studios to relay what happens when a good dawg decides to go off his "meds."

Producer: Mark Ristich

Far to Fall

Chris Hoke is a chaplain searching for meaning at the county jail. When he witnesses a miracle, he believes he’s found it. Until his beliefs about himself and his job are turned on his head.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

The Registry

What happens when a mistake you made at the age of 12 follows you around for the rest of your life?

Producer: Anna Sussman