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A woman is in a car smiling, wearing sunglasses and a hat. She is driving through snowy Alaska.
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Mountain Village is an Alaska Native town in the middle of nowhere. One woman is the town’s only police officer and she alone is responsible for the safety of everyone there. Her track record is perfect until one day when she responds to a call that changes everything.

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Winning Colors

Winning Colors

She’s stunning grey, sleek as a race car, and stronger than all the boys. Her name is Winning Colors and for Dino and Miami she’s the long shot of a lifetime.
Boricua en la Luna from WNYC Studios & Futuro Studios

Boricua en la Luna from WNYC Studios & Futuro Studios

Kelvin is the first human born on the moon, and finds himself growing up there alone. By listening to recordings sent by his grandmother, he learns to love the island he’s never seen. But when he finally meets someone else on the lunar surface, Kelvin is faced with a dilemma about his attachment to both the moon and to Puerto Rico, and how much he can hold onto his two identities.
Not So Tiny Dancer

Not So Tiny Dancer

On the frozen tundra, a polar bear guide wakes up to a loud THUMP on the side of his ice buggy. It’s his 1,000 pound buddy, Dancer. And he wants a cup of coffee.
The Baton

The Baton

When a tsunami wipes out everything Rizal’s ever known, he has to find a way to survive on his own.
The Turning: Room of Mirrors

The Turning: Room of Mirrors

Mirrors inside a ballet studio reflect the people within. They’re part of a closed, elite community that produces iconic artists. And at the top – exists one man.

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