A man is pictured next to a prison security tower.
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Two correctional officers pay a high price for exposing corruption and abuse by their fellow officers, in the most dangerous prison in California–New Folsom.

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Photo Session

Photo Session

When a reporter’s love story hits a dead end, she turns to a Palestinian couple for answers.
Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan

From the heart of Waziristan, the legend of Genghis Khan is being rewritten... on the squash court. Maria Toorpakai Wazir was raised as a boy, and took on everyone and everything - neighborhood bullies, Peshawar weightlifters, and all the rules about who should be able to compete.
The Pink Palace – Snap Classic

The Pink Palace – Snap Classic

A newlywed couple travels down a South American River
into the thick of the Amazon jungle on a raft… alone. Their romantic adventure soon turns into the ultimate test for survival.
No Good Turn

No Good Turn

A small plastic boat bobs helpless in the Aegean Sea, overwhelmed and overloaded. A young father from Mogadishu must take the helm to save everyone on board -- but will he lose his family because of it?
Hyphy Kids Got Trauma

Hyphy Kids Got Trauma

Hyphy, the legendary youth culture movement from the Bay. Uptempo music, oversized airbrushed T-shirts, stunna shades and candy painted cars doing donuts in intersections. It was an unbridled, livewire, communal celebration. The people fueled the music, and the music moved the people. But beneath it all? That’s where it gets real.

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