A schoolmarm looking out the window next to a blackboard.
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Kristen Cortez is a new teacher in beautiful Los Gatos, California. From her classroom window, she can see rolling, golden hills. Redwood trees. The sun is almost always shining. And yet… something lurks.

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Spooked – Skinwalker

Spooked – Skinwalker

Lee’s great grandfather, his grandfather, and his father have all seen him: the shapeshifter. They know this man has the power to curse them, to hurt them. Lee wonders: is this man coming for him too?


Some of the best stories are told when the show’s over… Join us for our first-ever Snap Backstage! Hear about second-rate first class tickets, a racist dog, and baggy pants.
Texas Ranger – Snap Classic

Texas Ranger – Snap Classic

Back in the 1970s, Bob Favor signed up to be a Texas Ranger. He proudly helped local police solve some of their toughest cases. But there was one case that kept getting away from him.
Time Traveler

Time Traveler

Just a few weeks ago, writer and performer Jacoby Cochran walked through a Chicago neighborhood and into a time machine.

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