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It’s time people. We all need to push the chair back from the supper table, look around and remember who we are grateful for. This week on Snap, when a pillar of the community goes missing, the people rally to show their love. But maybe our hero… is still alive?

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Jorge, Gina y Dante

Jorge, Gina y Dante

Dante is just looking for a haircut in Guadalajara and then he meets Jorge. He's always wanted to meet a trans person… older than him. But once they start talking, Dante can't believe his ears.
Time Glitch

Time Glitch

Joel Gheen is out of the military, newly married, and in college. His new life is going great … if he could just catch the damn bus.
The Sinkhole – Spooked

The Sinkhole – Spooked

One day, while out landscaping his yard, Moses reaches into the dirt and pulls out a handful of bones. He wants to find out who they belong to. But that might not be such a good idea. Happy Halloween! We’re celebrating with more Spooked! Be afraid…
Hotel Hell – Spooked

Hotel Hell – Spooked

Kimberly was expecting a luxurious hotel room. Someone in it… was expecting her. It’s Spooky Season and we are bringing you Spooked tales from the other side of the veil!

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