Original Prankster - Snap #308

Snap Judgment proudly presents “Original Prankster,” amazing stories from people who take the joke waaaaaaay too far...

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Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington shows his little brother the way to Candyland - right through the jaws of a monster.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

The Death of Dojo

A young Pat Mesiti-Miller recieves a pet fish named Dojo. His life is forever changed.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Society for Indecency to Naked Animals (SINA)

After witnessing a deplorable act of immorality, Alan Abel founds The Society for Indecency to Naked Animals (SINA), a campaign to clothe all naked animals for the sake of decency.

For more on Alan Abel’s antics, watch the hilarious documentary Abel Raises Cain.

Special Thanks to Jenny Abel and Jeff Hockett

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

When Santas Attack!

Jamie DeWolf and friends engineer a mass prank on the real reason for the season, a Mall Santa at the peak of Christmas season. Jamie DeWolf continues to raise hell in the Bay Area as the host of Tourettes Without Regrets and comedy shows across the Bay Area. You can download Jamie's CD, "Vaude Villain" right here.

Producer: Jamie DeWolf and Renzo Gorrio

Holiday Workflow

A struggling poet goes corporate for some extra cash and finds a creative tactic for keeping her soul alive. Tatyana Brown is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Lit Slam, a San Francisco based live audience curated poetry journal and variety show.

Producers: Jamie DeWolf and Anna Sussman


Pranksters rarely punk people for no reason. Usually, they’re looking for some kind of human connection. And that’s what this prank caller finds -- but with the wrong girl.

Original audio play, written and produced by Stephanie Foo.

“A” for Effort

Rives is a cunning student accepted into the University of California Santa Cruz. There's only one problem: he doesn't have the grades for it. Nothing a little forgery can't help. Rives is a Ted Speaker, story-teller and multi-media performer. Find out more at http://www.shopliftwindchimes.com/

Producer: Jamie Dewolf and Mark Ristich

Boombox Blowout

Fritz Mueller's jock roommate is driving him up the wall. But this roommate is messing with the wrong nerd . . .

Check out Fritz's band, Vandella right here.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

I love reading those stories about a prankster going to far. I wonder if the prankster stops pulling pranks as a result.