Suspicious Behavior - Snap #405

This week Snap Judgment lands in the back of a squad car.  "Suspicious Behavior" from NPR and PRX, amazing stories where something is just a little bit off . . .

Project Boat

Mollena Williams grew up in New York City.  She knows suspicious behavior when she sees it, and, more importantly, she knows how to walk right on by.  But when the strange and unexpected enter her own living room, she has no choice but to go for that ride.

Producer: Julia DeWitt
Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

The Pastor

Rebecca grew up in a conservative evangelical family, the daughter of a pastor. But this isn’t a story about losing faith or gaining faith, it’s a story about what happened one night when her father received a mysterious phone call.

Producer: Nick van der Kolk

The Art of the Con

Even after they confess - some people don't really believe they're guilty.

Check out Ron Cohen’s ongoing experiments here and you can read the New York Times reviews and commentary here.

Producers: Andrew Stelzer and Anna Sussman


A Monster

A man does the unthinkable to Kole Welsch and his partner, Kevin. But who is the real monster? The man?  Or the institution that allowed it to happen?

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Hollywood Double

Snap storyteller Doug Cordell is just another writer from New York out to catch the L.A sunshine.  But after moving into his new place, he can’t tell what is his shadow and what’s his new roommate.

Doug Cordell is an Emmy-nominated writer and performer in the Bay Area. He continues to write and is currently working on a novel.

Producers: Mark Ristich and Jamie DeWolf

Hands Up

When Gina Gold got pregnant she wanted it all-natural.  She was going to eat bonbons and work on her screenplays and glow with pregnant bliss.  But pretty soon she realized that being pregnant wasn’t going to be quite what she expected...

Find out more about the world of Gina Gold right here.

Producer: Julia DeWitt