The B-Team - Snap #527

On an all-NEW Snap...What happens when The Avengers are a no-show? Do you give up? From PRX and NPR, Snap Judgment proudly presents "The B-Team."

The Other Woman

Glynn needs a date for the prom, and he's running out of options.

Produer: Pat Mesiti-Miller


A timid summer camper gathers up the courage to sign up for camp's wildest activity. Everyone assures her it's perfectly safe. What could go wrong?

Producer: Anna Sussman

This Might Be Controversial

When Sara Barron signed up to teach a writing class she thought she had it all under control. But after day one, it was clear the students had a lot more to teach her.

Thanks to the Risk podcast for the story. To hear more of their stories check out:

Produced by: RISK! The Podcast

The Perfect Boyfriend

When she was a teenager, Beverly’s dad never approved of anyone she dated. Then she met Dwayne…

To learn more about Beverly, you can check out her website:

Producer: Joe Rosenberg

The Blacktop Slide

Tara’s softball team was not afraid to shed a little blood in the ultimate game of boys v.s. girls.

This story was recorded live at Sideshow Goshko, a New York Times “Critic Pick” storytelling series that takes place the 4th Thursday of every month at the KGB Bar in Manhattan.

Tara Clancy is a writer, performer, and occasional tour guide. See more of her work at

Producer: Ana Adlerstein