Unspoken - Snap #622

On an all-NEW Snap..."Unspoken." You can search your whole life for the right words to say, but sometimes, the right words are no words at all.

The Silent Treatment

Glynn knows the sounds of silence all too well.

Producer: Pat Mesiti Miller

Prison Librarian

When Avi Steinberg became a prison librarian, he thought his job would be to keep track of the books.  Then he started reading between the lines.


To learn more about Avi’s time behind bars -- and between the stacks -- be sure to check out his memoir, Running The Books.  His latest book, The Lost Book of Mormon, which was nominated for the Thurber Prize for American Humor, will be out in paperback in November.

Producer: Joe Rosenberg


Ellie was living the American dream. But one bite took it all away….
You can find out more of Ellie’s story and work here.

Producer: Davey Kim
Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

Shannon Cason "Miracle Baby" / Snap LIVE!

Listen to one man’s story of how he got everyone he wanted only to lose everything that mattered.

Shannon Cason performs for Snap Judgment LIVE at San Francisco's Nourse Theater.  Subscribe to Shannon's podcast, Homemade Stories.

(Original score composed by Alex Mandel and performed by Alex and the Snap playaz David Brandt & Tim Frick.)