A little girl's shadow is her grandfather. She is holding a doll. Her past is haunting her.
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When Julie Lindahl discovered that her grandfather had been an active member of the German SS, she decided to return to the scene of his crimes. But her grandmother made things difficult.

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Impossible Weight

Impossible Weight

When no one can hear you and nobody sees you anymore, how do you tell the world you are still there? One man's impossible journey back to the world that forgot him.
A Hit Dog Will Holler from Radiotopia Presents

A Hit Dog Will Holler from Radiotopia Presents

Gina gives snark like she’s paid for it—because she is. She’s a popular podcaster with fans & frenemies... until a loud roar interrupts it all. “A Hit Dog Will Holler” from Radiotopia Presents. Plus Glynn talks to writer, Inda Craig-Galván.


A young woman wakes up in her Beijing dorm room to a call. A strange voice, a man she barely remembers, is asking her a question that will change her destiny. And a doctor hears one of her classical music idols play one of the greatest serenades of all time.
Bates & Stokes

Bates & Stokes

Two women, Bates and Stokes, were LPCs at Pontiac Correctional Center outside Chicago. They were popular with their clients. They always had each other’s back. And that... was just the start of their problems.

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