A mother and daughter are standing close, looking at each other. They are surrounded by flowers.
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Yonis, vaginas, and sex were ALL forbidden language for Ashley and her conservative church-going Liberian mom. But when adult life got too big and too real those family secrets would be the one thing bringing them together.

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Roommate Wanted

Roommate Wanted

Brian’s desperate for cash, until a random ghost writer answers his Craigslist ad for a roommate. Now, he's about to get more drama than he ever imagined.
The Roughhouse

The Roughhouse

A man washes up on shore in Sitka, Alaska and finds himself in the middle of an underground boxing show. It’s a place where you might duke it out with the bartender, the locals, or your own troubled past.
Danger 9b

Danger 9b

Richard Hatch is overseas on a top-secret mission… to win over Jill, the most elusive, electrifying student in his 7th-grade class. He isn’t suave or sophisticated, so he’s gonna need help from The Beatles, the Russians, and even the CIA to pull it off.
Wartime Cats

Wartime Cats

Two crazy cats and one hard-nosed reporter land in Syria right as it is thrown into turmoil. Rasha Elass navigates her way through Damascus amidst government crackdowns and whistling missiles in search of the country she loves.

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