The Call - Snap #303

This week, Snap Judgment hears “The Call” and learns what it feels like to know exactly what the universe wants from you, even if you don’t know how to do it...

See a full list of all songs used in "The Call" right here. Listen to a selection of our favorites on our The Call Spotify Playlist. 


The Healer

Mary Hewitt thought she knew her calling. Then, one stormy night, everything changed in a flash. Literally.

Check out  Dr. Hewitt’s Book on Amazon.

Produced by Anna Sussman

Clown College

Like a lot of kids, Paul Cooper’s childhood dream was to grow up and join the circus.  But Paul really made it happen.

Produced by Stephanie Foo

Geist - Super Citizen

An obedient boy from the suburbs has a brush with violent crime and discovers his true purpose.
Find out more about Geist at

Produced by  Anna Sussman and Pat Mesiti-Miller

The Cathedral of Junk

Vince Hanneman loved the book, “Serafin and his Wondermachine” when he was a boy. Loved it so much that when he grew up, he tried to make his own Wondermachine.

Check out more info about the Cathedral right here, and this is where we got the music for this piece--much of it is created entirely out of sounds from the Cathedral.

We took photos of the Cathedral during our trip, which can be found here:

Thank you so much to Matthias Gritschneder for his wonderful translation of the book, "Serafin und seine Wundermaschine."

Produced by Stephanie Foo

The Nectar

Ralph Steele knew his truth was in the world, waiting for him. He just had to find it.

Ralph is a monk and is now the founder of Life Transition Institute, where he serves as the guiding meditation teacher.  Along with his interest in preserving the Theravada tradition, he is dedicated to making the dharma available to culturally diverse populations.

Produced by Mark Ristich and Rita Daniels

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What happens when a young classical musician discovers her secret talent? She. Blows. Up. World Champion Female Beat Boxer Butterscotch tells her story. Check her new album,                     

Produced by Pat Mesiti-Miller with a little help from Anna Sussman and Jamie Dewolf.