Found - Snap #329

From NPR and PRX, Snap proudly presents "Found." Amazing stories of finding exactly what you're not looking for.

Sudden Savant

Although most musicians spend decades honing their craft, musical genius Derek Amato never had to practice a day in his life. One day, he just sat down at the piano and his fingers began to fly across the keys with ease. As an immediate musical genius, Derek is one of the few people on Earth diagnosed with Acquired Musical Savant Syndrome. Derek takes us into the inner workings of his amazing gift.

Producers: Anna Sussman and Pat Mesiti-Miller

The Things I Would Save

Writer April Wolfe finds an odd job cleaning out hoarder houses. On her first assignment, she finds trash, pants, scrapbooking supplies, and a sad and beautiful history of the woman who lives there.

Check out April’s incredible writing on her blog.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Notes from a Six-Year-Old

First they found out the worst news imaginable. Then they found a light in the darkness.

To learn more about Elena and how you can help other kids like her, visit the Desserich’s website.

Producers: Anna Sussman and Glynn Washington

Rosebush Inside

Singer/songwriter Sean Hayes is constantly looking for inspiration for his music. He found it in the story of a man named Moreese Bickham who served more than 40 years in Angola Prison. Little did he know that by writing the song, he was about to change Moreese’s story...

All the music in this piece was by Sean Hayes. Go buy his awesome new album here.

Thank you to David Isay, StoryCorps founder and the producer of Tossing Away the Keys. It is a magnificent piece of radio. Thanks to the Outside Lands festival for helping to hook up the interview. And last but not least, many thanks to the inimitable Moreese Bickham, who now lives in Oakland, California.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Mystery Package

Corbett Redford is a starving artist who hits his absolute bottom on a spree of bad luck. But all that comes to an end one day when a mysterious package arrives at his warehouse.

Corbett continues to tour the U.S with his band Bobby Joe Ebola and is still putting out records. Hear their music on their website.

Producers: Mark Ristich and Jamie DeWolf