Performance Anxiety - Snap #309

We’ve all been there--at the moment on which everything depends, the moment of truth, with sweaty palms and shaky knees. This week, stories about people who face their fears ... or choke.

Say My Name

Listen in, as Glynn gets tongue tied in this first story from "Performance Anxiety."

The Yips

Steve Sax of the L.A. Dodgers started out as the youngest person in the league, but quickly became the Rookie of the Year. Until the Steve Sax Syndrome befell him just two years into his career.
Steve’s new book is called Shift: Change Your Mindset, Change Your World. He’s also a renowned motivational speaker.

Producers: Stephanie Foo and Renzo Gorrio

Nashville Try-out

Aengus Anderson drove his motorcycle across North America for three months, and asked more than two-hundred and twenty people the same question: “What’s the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make?” Here’s the answer he got from a man named David Cameron , selling hot-dogs under a rainbow umbrella in Montgomery Alabama. Listen to more from The Decisions Project.

Producer: Anna Sussman

San Quentin Slam

When Jamie DeWolf is asked to perform at San Quentin Penitentiary, he’s forced to confront his fears in front of his toughest audience yet in lockdown. Hear the poem they did that day on Jamie DeWolf’s C.D “Vaude Villian”. His partner that day was Geoff Trenchard.

Written and Performed by Jamie DeWolf
Producers: Mark Ristich and Pat Mesiti-Miller

Petrarchan Poetry

Ladies love roses, but sometimes, super-sappy Petrarchan romance isn’t the best way to a woman’s heart. Mike Deni, the lead singer of the band Geographer, tells a tale from his writerly days. All the music used in this piece is by Geographer.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Notes From the Fun Factory

Freelance writer Doug Cordell is hungry for any job to use his skills, but when a new employer is calling, he goes through the looking glass into another world: writing for a children’s show. Doug Cordell is an Emmy-nominated television writer, essayist and radio performer living in the Bay Area. This piece, "Notes from the Fun Factory," is adapted from a forthcoming novel.

Producers: Jamie DeWolf, Anna Sussman and Mark Ristich

Kenyan Comedy

Stand-up comedian John Ramsey spent a year in Kenya, and while he was there, he wanted desperately to be able to perform one stand-up comedy routine.

John has a website where you can see more of his work...and please, do yourself a favor and check out John’s full performance on Churchill Live right here. It's hilarious.

Producer: Stephanie Foo