Presto! - Snap #525

On the next Snap! Ladies and Gentlemen, sit right back and watch us pull a rabbit out of our hat. From WNYC, we proudly present "Presto!"

Chasing The Dragon

When Glynn's pastor forbids him from playing satanic fantasy games, he finds a new way to play a nerd favorite.

Producer: Pat Mesiti Miller

Bullet Catch

Every magician fears performing The Bullet Catch, the deadliest trick in all of magic. Twelve magicians have died attempting the trick. When Steve Cohen was staring down the barrel of the gun, he began to fear he may be number 13.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Sorcerer's Apprentice

When he was freshman in High School, David Hill learned that sometimes the best trick isn’t magical at all.

David is a contributor to Grantland and a writer at the Upright Citizens Brigade. His work can be seen at This piece originally aired on Jon Solomon's 25-Hour Holiday Radio Show on WPRB in 2013. For more stories from Jon’s show visit

Producers: David Hill & Cameron Fleming

God Of Thunder

In 1904, Charles Hatfield claimed he could turn around the Southern California drought. Little did he know, he was going to get much, much more water than he bargained for.

Producer: Eliza Smith

Song Info Story Label

Ghana Wanna by Sizemen FULL SHOW Sizemen
Magic Says by Dabrye FULL SHOW Ghostly International
Silly by DJ Babu FULL SHOW Nature Sounds
(Won't You) Stay Stay by Jay Bishop FULL SHOW Jay Bishop
Karma (Instrumental) by Mood CHASING THE DRAGON Blunt Recordings
Dee’Angelo (Bonus) by Def Dee CHASING THE DRAGON Redefinition Records
More Panic by Kryzysztof Komeda CHASING THE DRAGON Harkit Records
Salute by J. Rawls CHASING THE DRAGON Nature Sounds
Best Believe by Pete Rock CHASING THE DRAGON Nature Sounds
Mohulu by Roddy Rod CHASING THE DRAGON Nature Sounds
Dead Man by Misophone BULLET CATCH Another Record
Lacrymae by Melodium BULLET CATCH Audio Dregs
Vazgone by Melodium BULLET CATCH Audio Dregs
8-bit Parrot by Saru BULLET CATCH Saru
Strange Puppet by Saru BULLET CATCH Saru
Forever Changed by Saru BULLET CATCH Saru
Beginning Of The End by Saru BULLET CATCH Saru
Lullaby by Vagabond Opera BULLET CATCH Vagabond Opera
Minutes by Freddie Joachim GOD OF THUNDER Mellow Orange Music
Sayonara (Closure) by Elaquent GOD OF THUNDER Elaquent
Plastic Dub by Suff Daddy GOD OF THUNDER Melting Pot Music
Rain Drops by Freddie Joachim GOD OF THUNDER Mellow Orange Music