The Return - Snap #416

It's an all-new Snap... "The Return."  We all have an instinct, a homing signal, a knowing. And even when we try to ignore it, it drives us back to the place where everything got started. From NPR and PRX, Snap proudly presents, "The Return."

Where No One Should Go

In the desert of northern South Africa you come across a little puddle.  If you dive down into that puddle, at the bottom there is a slot.  This is the entrance to third largest freshwater cave in the world. This is where the adventure begins.  

Producer: Julia DeWitt

Yanomami Mami

A Young anthropologist working in the Amazon jungle has no idea what he’s in for, nor the impact it will have on his family for generations.

Find out about the work David Good is doing at The Good Project

Producer: Anna Sussman with assistance from Beth Morgan

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

The Duke Boys

Is two tons of prime american steel enough to renew a broken bond between brothers?  Will Josh and Todd outwit the police once again? Or... will it all end in  a fiery crash?

Josh Cereghino is a storyteller and writer from Los Angeles.  He’s a three time Moth GrandSlam winner.  He performs regularly at  live storytelling events in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. This story took place at "Busting Out" Storytelling in the Bay Area.

Producer: Kay De Martini and Mark Risti