Trust Me - Snap #323

Amazing stories about people extending the most important thing of all to someone else--whether that person is worthy or not... 



No I.D.

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington attempts to board a plane without the most important thing of all.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Millionaire


Bait and Switch

Brian O’Dea is a big time drug smuggler on his way out of the game when he gets a call from his sworn enemy with the deal of a lifetime. Buckle up for an international ride of shady characters, huge scores, and the true tale of a man who always had to keep one step ahead.

Find out more on Brian O’Dea’s website.

Producer: Jamie DeWolf

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

Junk in the Trunk

Two-time Oakland Grand Slam Poetry Champion, writer, jazz artist, and teacher, Joyce Lee wondered who to trust . . . her boyfriend, or Mr. Policeman.

Choir Boy

A young boy in Zambia hopes to come to America for education and opportunity, but what he gets is a different kind of education.

Find out more about modern day slavery at Free the Slaves.

Producer: Anna Sussman