Campfire Tales IV – Primal

September 7, 2017

Have you ever happily wandered the woods? Not a care in the world. Then right after sunset felt a hot, oily breath breathing down your shoulder? Snap Judgment proudly presents “Campfire Tales IV – Primal.”

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Border Bogeyman
Rocky Elmore used to work down by the border during long pitch-black nights in the desert. It was so dark you never knew who or what was out there.

Tooki Man
Trekking in Indonesia, Ian and Stuart wander off the beaten path.  There, a broken man tells them he knows the way to magic . . .

The Trail of Polaroids
After arriving home from work, Douglas Leach saw a Polaroid lying on his front step. He picked it up. He shouldn’t have…

Past Life Detective 
Detective Bob Snow could never have imagined that the toughest case of his entire career, would be an investigation into his own past….life.  Check out Bob Snow’s books here. 

Season 8 Episode 19 

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