Cat Bone Curse from Spooked

April 17, 2023
A skull is full of worms sitting under a tree.

Todd’s uncle was one mean son of a biscuit. But long after he’s dead and gone, his descendants worry that his meanness might rub off on them. Master storyteller Todd Narron is our tour guide as we explore the mysterious, spooky American South.

This story comes to us from our evil twin podcast, Spooked. Episodes drop weekly on Friday! Featuring brand new stories – along with episodes previously available only by subscription. Listen for free on any podcast platform.

Thank you, Todd Narron, for sharing your stories with us! If you want more stories from Todd, check out his incredible books: Country Stories of Ghosts and Bad Men & Country Stories of Ghosts and Bad Men: Series 2 – The Dead Ones.

Season 14 – Episode 15

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Sanaa Khan

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