Double Trouble

November 4, 2021
A ship is sinking in the ocean and there is a plane flying over that looks like a joint.

A rock climber hits the jackpot in Yosemite and Moss Hills saves the day with his music on a sea cruise. Two stories… double the trouble.


Lake Chronicopia

Dale Bard was a young rock climber in Yosemite in the ’70s. Back then, rock climbing was an obscure, expensive passion. And he came across the most unbelievable cash cow you’ve ever heard of.

Thank you, Cisco DeVries, Papa Tom DeVries, all the climbers that helped us, and a big huge thanks to the filmmakers Greg Laut and Nicholas Rosen from Sender Films. Check out our link to their amazing documentary on this very story, “Valley Uprising.”

Produced by Anna Sussman & Julia Dewitt, original score by Leon Morimoto

The Sinking of the Cruise Ship Oceanos

Moss Hills takes us on a sea cruise and saves the day with his music.

Thanks, Moss, for sharing your story with us! Love this story? Learn more about the sinking of the Oceanos or watch a video of the ship’s final moments!

Produced by Joe Rosenberg, original score by Renzo Gorrio

Snap Classic – Season 12 – Episode 44

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Teo Ducot

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