Father Forgive Them

March 7, 2024
A group of people are holding hands, praying, in the sunlight at a penitentiary.

Cell Double L is the final cell in Oklahoma State Penitentiary. It is the cell you occupy before your execution. We speak to three men and their loved ones as they move through death watch row.

This episode includes references to penal executions and strong language. Please take care while listening.

Huge enormous thanks to Bigler Stouffer, Wade Lay, and Donald Grant for sharing your stories. Also major thanks to the loved ones, on the outside, for allowing us inside their lives.

Produced by Ellie Lightfoot and Gaby Caplan

Gaby Caplan and Ellie Lightfoot reported this story while participating in the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism’s National Fellowship and the Kristy Hammam Fund for Health Journalism.

Season 15 – Episode 11

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Teo Ducot

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