I Sing the Body Electric

September 20, 2019

A man tries to cheat death with homemade technological body enhancements, but the world isn’t ready for his kind of lifestyle. And a son wants to keep his dad around for as long as possible, so he saves the best part about him in a way he knows how.



When the thought of his own mortality becomes too much to bear, a father of two living in Utah decides to upgrade his own body, one piece at a time. Thank you to Rich Lee for sharing your story with Snap.

Hear more work from producer Lawrence Bull on his podcast Sound of Mind. Thanks to filmmakers Leeor Kaufman and Joe Egender for their assistance. Look out for their biohacking documentary on Netflix.

Producer: Lawrence Bull with assistance from Anna Sussman

Original Score: Renzo Gorrio


James Vlahos wanted to keep his dad around for as long as possible, so he saved the best part about him in the best way he knew how.

Vlahos wrote a book, Talk To Me, about the quest to create conversation-making A.I.s. Check out his article about DADBOT in Wired Magazine.

Follow James on Twitter @jamesvlahos

Producer: Jazmin Aguilera

Original Score: Renzo Gorrio

Producer Credit:
Original Score: 


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