Letters from Lockdown – Guantánamo, Utah, and On the Run

April 24, 2020

Team Snap proudly presents the second installment of, “Letters from Lockdown,” featuring stories from people around the world who have experienced lockdown before.



Mansoor Adayfi comes from Yemen but was detained at Guantánamo for fifteen years. Find out what he did to survive the brutality and isolation of a terror prison.

Mansoor is available for speaking and writing. Find him on Twitter (@mansooradayfi), InstagramFacebook, or check out his website


If you could only write down one sentence a day what would it be? Dr. Judy Elsley found herself as a patient battling for her life.

An artist and retired English professor, she lives with her husband in Ogden, Utah. Learn more about Judy.

On the Run

Meg and Elena were in love… and escaping Russia. They set sail on a small boat, heading out into the open seas, knowing only that they had each other.

You can find Meg and Elena’s blog and books on their website.

Thank you, Mansoor, Judy, Meg, and Elena, for sharing your stories with us!

Produced by Shaina Shealy, Naomi Zeveloff, Liz Mak, and Anna Sussman

Music by Renzo Gorrio, additional production by Pat Mesiti-Miller

Artwork by Sanaa Khan

Digital Producer: Marisa Dodge

Season 11 – Episode 11

Our team is working quickly to put together more pieces of advice from people all over the world. If you have advice from a past lockdown you’d like to share, email us at pitches@snapjudgment.org.

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